In August there was a historical overview of organ donation and transplantation in the country

More than 200 people had a second chance of living as a result of a transplant this month Source: archive

August 2018 will be remembered as the month with the highest number of organ donors and transplants in Argentina. They were completed in the 31 days

88 donation processes
of organs that allowed 212 people on the waiting list of the Central National Institute, the Coordinator of Ablation and Implantation (INCUCAI), to agree to a transplant to improve their quality of life.

A total of 118 kidney transplants, 54 hepatic, 15 cardiac, 12 renopancreatic, 9 pulmonary, 3 hepatorenal and 1 pancreas, explained in a statement from the nation's ministry of health

The donation operations for the month were carried out in 15 districts: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Tucumán, Mendoza, Entre Ríos, Misiones, Salta, Neuquén, San Juan, Jujuy, Formosa, La Pampa, San Luis and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

The 88 donation processes exceed the 70 processes that were carried out in August 2010, the previous record. With regard to organ transplants, the highest figure to date was 160 transplants performed in December 2011.

On the other hand, so far in 2018, 1024 people agreed to an organ transplant and 706 to a corneal transplant, as a result of 418 organ donation processes and 410 tissue donation processes.

It is worth noting that from 4 August, it became effective
the new law no. 27,447 on transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, which was unanimously approved in both chambers of the national congress. Among the most important changes of the new law, donation processes in hospitals are facilitated, all rights of donors and recipients are made explicit, a permanent training regime is established and processes that require judicial intervention are simplified and optimized, among other things. excellent. The law establishes a deadline of 90 days for its regulation.

At this moment 7706 people expect an organ transplant and 2787 one out of corneas. Concretion of the transplant is possible thanks to the participation of the company that is represented in the donation, the intervention of the health workers at the hospital branches throughout the country and the work of the provincial purchasing agencies belonging to the health system Argentina. The figures obtained are encouraging for the donation and transplantation system, which works every day to provide an answer to people waiting for a transplant in our country.

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