In Quilmes, a policeman shot a thief during an attempted theft

The officer was in civilian clothes when he decided to intervene to thwart the attack. There were between 10 and 15 bullets, according to neighbors

  In Quilmes, a policeman killed a thief during an attempted theft

the 22-year-old was injured and died next door to the shop he wanted to steal / web [19659004] In the context of an attempted theft in an ice cream parlor in Quilmes, a 22-year-old thief died dejected. It was when he confronted a policeman who was in civilian clothes and intervened to prevent theft.

Everything happened around 10:30 am on Friday in the case of Avenida 12 de Octubre at 2500. They count in that southern town of the Conurbano that the confrontation was intense. In fact, the shooting surprised the neighbors, who said that they heard between 10 and 15 photo's.

At the moment the identity of the criminal did not appear. His body lay on the sidewalk of the building, very close to the revolver gauge 38 that had threatened the workers of the place.

The agent did not leave unharmed. In the middle of the bullets it was hit by at least one projectile. However, he was out of danger after his colleagues had transferred him to a Patrol car in El Cruce, Florencio Varela, where they had to operate.


The criminal who had killed them He came to the ice cream parlor after what according to the sources of the case was a criminal robbery, in which he had already acted in other shops.

His tour was made aboard a Renault 9 car, which he stopped at the door, that was moving in the vicinity of the deadly scenario.

The hypothesis of the piling hook arose because in the vehicle, among other things, women's portfolios, portfolios with & # 39; sufficient money & # 39; and bottles of champagne were found.

it is clear from the statement of Mariano, a neighbor who witnessed during the first tasks of the police in place, and who spoke with the press.

As in other similar cases, the perpetrator went to the counter to pretend to be someone else per customer, and ordered a kilo of ice. The employees and the manager who attended already sneaked something strange, because the modality used there is the first payment per box.

When he entered the company, the thief went straight to the counter to order a kilo of ice that caught the attention of the employees who were present and the manager, because the modality is that customers first go through the money .

When he took out the rifle and demanded the collection of the day, the civilian left the ice he took, was identified and shot with the thief.

It was then that the policeman in civilian, who took an ice cream, identified himself and the confrontation with the attacker took place. The case is being investigated by UFI No. 2 of the legal department of Quilmes.


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