In the middle of the "notebooks of the coimas", Macri is shown with Paolo Rocca in Vaca Muerta

Corruption in the "Era K"

They visit the Fortín de Piedra deposit that Tecpetrol of the Techint group carries out. Company executives are being investigated for paying bribes

While it cause of the "notebooks of briberies" investigation into a network of corruption during the Kirchner government in public works spattered both ex-employees and large businessmen in Argentina, President Mauricio Macri will be shown with Paolo Rocca, the CEO of Techint, in Vaca Muerta.

It is the largest holding company in the country. And one of the groups repeatedly mentioned in the notebooks of Oscar Centeno, exchanger of the former minister of Public Works, Roberto Baratta, where he described the payment of bribes from businessmen to the former K.

He is also one of the most powerful executives in Argentina who publicly admitted that the company had agreed to "the demands of the government" of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, although he defended the action of the most important company in the country that said: "Techint did not participate in the corruption club for public works. & # 39;

Macri makes this Tuesday a lightning trip to Neuquén for a visit to Loma de Lata, YPF and Fortín de Piedra, one of the exploitation areas of Tecpetrol, the oil company of the Techint group.

The meeting will take place in Vaca Muerta, a business model that Macri wants to replicate in all areas. Is that after the agreement signed by the Nation, the province of Neuquén and the oil giants last year, the unconventional deposits have already begun to produce hydrocarbons in a sufficient amount to start exporting.

In the middle of the economic crisis that the country is experiencing and after the Monday presented by the government presentation of a trust for the financing of the contracted works in the framework of the regulation of public-private participation (PPP), whose main objective is Paralysis of the public work due to the scandal of the writings of bribes, the president wants to give a clear signal of support to the companies.

however, The message will mainly be intended for foreign investors.

Rebuild the market confidence It is one of the most important objectives.

Despite the importance of the meeting, Casa Rosada tried to describe it with the work developed by Techint and other companies in Neuquén.

In addition to Macri and Rocca, the meeting ministers Javier Iguacel (Energy) and Dante Sica (Production) will participate, and also the members of the concordance table will be present who will form the rest of the oil companies that invest in Vaca Muerta.

Among them is YPF Vice President Fernando Giliberti; Alejandro Bulgheroni (Pan American Energy), Santiago Sacerdote (Y-TEC), Carlos Seijo (Total), Germán Macchi (Pluspetrol), Carlos Ormachea (Tecpetrol), Matias La Salvia (Chevron) and Teófilo Lacroze (Shell), among others.

So, amidst a tsunami of businessmen and former employees in the case of notebooks, for the second time in 11 days, the president will appear with a large proportion of those responsible for the local business world.

He did it last week in the Argentine Business Association (AEA), where Macri told them that if someone found themselves with "an unjust request", they had a president "to go and a government team to report it" .

That day the head of the state referred to the business world for the first time to the scandal released by the scriptures of the bribes. Instead of talking about the need to generate a new bid for public works or to discuss the role of large companies, he winked at entrepreneurs about the continuity of the works.

"To put an end to Mafia's behavior, you need to help and control government spending that you also have to reject in order to generate quality private employment, you are the driver of wealth," Macri said.

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