In the middle of the scandal for the notebooks, Macri will be shown alongside Paolo Rocca in Vaca Muerta

The president Mauricio Macri will visit the site today Dead cow in the Neuquén province, accompanied by various ministers and by the local governor, Omar Gutiérrez. The entrepreneur will also participate in the tour Paolo Rocca, CEO of Techint, one of the companies that exploit natural resources at this location.

The company is one of those involved in the cause of alleged bribes in public works committed during the Kirchner administration, as some of his former managers appear in the writings of Oscar Centeno, former director of Roberto Baratta, who was number two of the Ministry of Planning.

Although Rocca admitted a few weeks ago that his company paid bribes for what he himself described as the "trauma & # 39; of the departure of the group from Venezuela, He denied that Techint participated in the & Corruption Chamber & # 39 ;.

The Minister of Energy, Javier Iguacel, will also be present, along with other cabinet staff.

Macri will observe the works at the Fortín de Piedra depot, the Tecpetrol company, owned by Techint and at the YPF Loma Campana plant.

After the walk, the head of state will lead a working meeting with representatives of the productive table of Vaca Muerta.

The business group led by Rocca is one of those involved in the case investigated by federal judge Claudio Bonadio and prosecutor Carlos Stornelli.

Rocca denied participation in the "corruption club"

Days ago Rocco himself made his point of view clear: "Techint has in no way participated in the corruption club of public works. In the past 12 years, Techint, the company with the greatest potential, has achieved only 1% of the investment managed by the Ministry of Planning. "

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The governor of Buenos Aires was of the opinion about the candidacy of the TV entertainer, the accusations to the ex-president and the controversial statements of the pope. He also referred to the cause of the trickster contributors.

The businessman made this clarification by participating in a panel of businessmen, surrounded by Luis Pagani of Arcor, Enrique Cristofani of Banco Santander Río; Federico Braun, from La Anónima; and Héctor Magnetto, from Clarín.

The main shareholder of the group Techint recognized, however, that he and his hierarchical staff were "aware of what was happening" around the alleged requests for bribes from the Kirchner governmentbut he assured that he was not an "accomplice or participant".

Although he rejected the fact that he was not part of the "corruption chamber", he admitted to his colleagues that they were paying bribes to mediate the Kirchner government for Venezuela.

"In these circumstances, from what I understand, Luis Betnaza agreed with a government demand at that time in an alleged support for the dedication that all the people of the ministry at that time brought with them," he acknowledged when he referred to the CEO of the company. He declared repentant.

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