Intendants are waiting for Valdés' call and the PJ is going to Justice

The mayors have not yet received the official phone call from Governor Gustavo Valdés to meet Tuesday and analyze alternatives for the elimination of the Soy Fund. The peronists have meanwhile returned yesterday and have confirmed that they will appear in court.
The intendant of Bella Vista, Walter Chávez, confirmed to El Litoral that the call to meet Valdés has not yet been formalized. "I just saw the governor, he told me that we were meeting on Tuesday, but there is still no planning, because the meeting needs to be formalized," said Chávez. "No one told us that the Sojero fund would be eliminated, and Bella Vista loses 10 million pesos and that makes us more complicated."
Meanwhile, legislators, mayors, vice-directors, councilors, trade union representatives, social leaders and activists rejected the " arbitrary cuts in work, essential services and the removal of federal funds "to the municipalities.
They indicated that the elimination of the Soy Fund is "another relentless yardstick for adjusting the national government". They expected that they would oppose "the reduction of more funds for the municipalities of Corrientes, which the provincial government agrees with the nation for the 2019 budget". They agreed on "parliamentary, judicial and territorial actions" against "adapting and removing more rights".
During the plenary meeting that took place yesterday in the city of legislators of Pedro R. Fernández (Mantilla); intendentes; vice-councilors, council members; party authorities, territorial and militant referees of justice; Accompanied by representatives of trade unions and labor federations, civil society organizations, farmers and organized youth sectors agreed to hold working groups and joint actions for "the policy of economic adjustment, removal of rights and increase of exclusion applied by the national government of President Mauricio Macri. and its provincial partners of the ECO + Change Alliance. "
They did not talk about certain candidacies, although they promised to" work for an increasingly united Peronism in search of the necessary consensus ".

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