Intendants from all over the country asked to come back to the elimination of the soy fund

The government's decision to abolish the federal solidarity fund (FFS) Congress with the claim of more than fifty intenders from all over the country to undo the measure. Community leaders from all over the country gave the present at the meeting of committees for public works and municipalities of the Chamber of Deputies to express their resounding rejection of the DNU that put an end to the soy fund.

At the opening of the meeting, the deputy of Buenos Aires Eduardo "Bali" Bucca, head of the department of municipal affairs believes that the decree "It's a brutal adjustment that goes against society" At the same time, he believed that the elimination of the soya fund left the Argentinians unprotected when it is our duty to care for everyone.

Meanwhile, Juan José Bahillo, chairman of the Public Works Committee, He noted that the government "as a priority to meet the requirements of the IMF instead of working from a federal country perspective with development". The Peronist deputy believed that Cambiemos "is more concerned about the opinion of the market than seeing what happens to the purchasing power of employees, manufacturing sectors and regional economies."

Without the presence of deputies from the ruling party, the assembly was populated by opposition legislators such as the Kirchner Agustín Rossi and representatives of the Justicialista block. In turn, the holder of the Peronist caucus Pablo Kosiner, said that "the suppression of the Federal Solidarity Fund does not affect anyone politically, has consequences for each of the Argentinians living in the provinces and municipalities who will no longer receive this input."

On the other side of the table were the mayors led by Matanzas Veronica Magario. From the province they were also Gustavo Menéndez and Javier Osuna; Saúl Echeveste, Ariel Rojas, Oscar Zanoli, Federico Ortiz, Ricardo Delfino of La Pampa; Juan Manuel Garcia, José Luis Garcia, Jorge Rodriguez, Isaac Veloso, Patricia Lezcano, Antonio Rodas, Atlanto Honcharuk on behalf of Chaco.

Adrián Mendieta (Jujuy) was also part of the meeting; Mario Cuenca, Gustavo Solís, Carlos López, Federico Zacca, Fernando Romeri, Efrain Orosco, Marcelo Moisés (Salta); Ramón Barrera, José Lauritto, Esteban Martín Piaggio, Carlos Oscar Curuchet, Leonardo Cergneux, Jorge Holzman, Leonardo Silva (Entre Ríos); Javier Noguera, Dario Monteros, Jesus Herrera, Jorge Yapura Astorga, Leopoldo Rodriguez, Carlos Najar, Sergio Venegas (Tucumán) and Fabián Aballay (San Juan).

The list of participants Cristian Pérez, Rodolfo Flores (La Rioja); Lorenzo Schmidt (Formosa); Armando Seco Santamarina, Guillermo Ferreyra (Catamarca); Viviana Campos, Alberto Herrera (Santiago del Estero) and Claudio Queno (Tierra del Fuego).

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