"It gives birth to a Argentina that is faced with mafia behavior"

August 17, 2018 – 13:21
The president announces the plan for military reform and the new role of the armed forces. El Tribuno sends live and directly from Purmamarca.

President Mauricio Macri said today that "a new Argentina is born" that confronts "mafia behavior" by launching the first operation under the "Plan of Protected Borders", and emphasized the "Valuable contribution of our armed forces "to strengthen security in the border area.
The president, by taking the initiative to strengthen security at the northern border of the country, said that "making radical changes are not day-to-day business, no easy tasks." These transformations cast a new Argentina against any Mafia behavior, "Macri said.
The head of state expressed himself in this way during the leadership from the Jujeña town of Huacalera accompanied by the Minister of Defense. , Oscar Aguad, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich and Social Development, Carolina Stanley, Governor Gerardo Morales and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Bari del Valle Sosa
The President emphasized in another passage in his speech that the strengthening of security in that area takes place "after years of corruption, neglect, doing nothing, lack of a long-term strategy."
In addition, he warned of the "progress of crimes affecting the lives of all Argentines have complicated ", mainly" human trafficking and drug trafficking. "
In highlighting the army's contribution to the area, he stressed that they will support with "radars" for the "control of the airspace" in about 3,000 kilometers of border "ranging from Jujuy to Misiones".
He turned to Bullrich and noted that 28,000 drug addicts were being executed in the country and said that "30,000 criminals were being held", "more than 400,000 pounds of drugs were taken."


Macri He went to Purmamarca to present the launch of an APP. Accompanied by the governor of Jujuy, the president spoke about the economic situation and he emphasized that "the course to be followed is clear". We have problems, we have weaknesses that confront a turbulent world that affects us, we are clear about the direction and we know what to do, it is a lie that we have to give up, "the president emphasizes. a law that lasted just over ten minutes.

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