Jones Huala was arrested again in the Esquel prison

After the Supreme Court had confirmed the extradition to Chile by the Federal Court of Bariloche, Mapuche sponsor Facundo Jones Huala was arrested Saturday afternoon in his grandmother's home, where he was under house arrest and taken to prison. the prison of Esquel.

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The decision to grant extradition is now in the hands of President Mauricio Macri, who, as far as is known, has not taken the formal decision.

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The federal police went to the house of Jones Huala's grandfather in Esquel and arrested him, according to sources from the Mapuche movement in Bariloche.

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Jones Huala is accused in Chile of burning a house and having homemade weapons and ammunition. The federal judge Gustavo Villanueva gave way to the request of the Chilean justice and this week the Court confirmed that decision.


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