Jorge Rial: I do not know if Marcelo Tinelli will not become a government leader

The journalist Jorge Rial He slipped details about the latest political movements Marcelo Tinelli, that last week he had a meeting with the Governor of the province, María Eugenia Vidal, and the head of the government of the city, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

"Tinelli can be a candidate for the mayor of the city and Rodríguez Larreta as president"said the pilot of intruders in an interview Jonatan Viale for the CNN in Spanish.

"I do not know if Tinelli will not be a candidate for the mayor of the city. I do not know if Vidal is looking for re-election and I do not know if Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is not going the Presidency"he added.

"Macri is tired, he does not find the way out. Perhaps the person who can replace it from the inside and not from the outside. It will not be Larreta's candidate, Vidal will not follow and Tinelli in the capital? ".

"There was a lunch at Tinelli's political office, the three of them had lunch, we look at Peronism as an opposition, but those of Macri can replace or defeat, comes from the inside. The next day of that meeting Marcelo was in Villa Itatí, the hottest part of Quilmes, from which is said that the difficult contributors of Cambiemos came out. I have the photo, "he finished.

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