Jorge Triaca and the scriptures of the bribe: "If the crime is proven, Cristina Kirchner must defeat the prey"

The government official referred to the notebooks of the bribes Source: Archive

The Minister of Labor,

Jorge Triaca
spoke about the cause of the

notebooks with bribes
conducted the survey by a team of journalists
LA NACION who discovered the circuit of bribes of the
Kirchnerism with construction entrepreneurs in the sector
public work, and warned that if it is proved the former president

Cristina Kirchner
was aware of bribes and millions of pesos, should go

"If the institutions work and the crime is proven, Cristina should be imprisoned," said the macrista official, adding that the notebooks were written in detail by Oscar Centeno, the director of the right hand of the former Minister

Julio De Vido

Roberto Baratta
they show the company that is involved in a country controlled by one hundred percent by the state.

"It would be a problem if he knew nothing, because he shows that he has no connection with the reality, he should know, "urged the minister, who also stressed that Argentines" want transparency "and doubted those former government officials who all claimed in the margins of all these machines. "There are many ex-officers who say & # 39; I have not seen it, they keep quiet and try not to rub it," he said in a conversation with Radio Miter.

Triaca also warned that justice should be treated with complete freedom, with "hands free", and that the Senate does not have to hinder the progress of the investigation. "We have the certainty of how we do things, to face it is a way of working, to tell that this is true, now we see the difference between those who say it and what they have not said for a long time", said he and he showed his indignation at the amounts of money spoken about, which he understands could have been used for schools and hospitals, for example. "We have to restore that and put it in favor of society."

The Minister of Labor also spoke about the national economy and said: "We must propose a Argentina that offers opportunities to the export sector". Regarding the run of the dollar Triaca said that "there are sectors that find more opportunities and others less" and referred to the mandate of President Mauricio Macri, who "asked to be in the sectors with difficulties".

I can say that neither the best has happened nor the worst has happened, it depends on the sectors, but defending everyone will see a different reality, "Triaca said, adding:" In times of crisis, so many people have not been fired. We must create objective conditions for job generation. "

Finally, the Minister referred to inflation:" It is a problem and we must tackle it all to ensure purchasing power. "Many paritarias readecuaron for reality We are lowering the budget deficit, that is the challenge we have."

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