José López has made important contributions to the case of the notebooks, the prosecutor said

"He made important contributions to the case, but I can not give him the content of the contract before he is included in the file, and he must testify before Judge Claudio Bonadio," Stornelli said in television reports. in this way the prosecutor examining the alleged payment of bribes in the public work also referred to the agreement to include López in the case as accused "accused" employee still has to be approved by the judge who leadership has the cause.

"What López said meets the requirements of the law and therefore we have signed the agreement." does not imply any release "explains Stornelli.

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The Public Prosecutor explained that the former official stated more than three hours before him that it was a speech" in which all subjects were touched in which he could contribute "and" he expressed himself with sincerity "

Last Friday, lu ego to testify for Stornelli in the courts of Comodoro Py, López – held since 2016 in the Ezeiza- prison – was transferred to a home for security reasons.

López was included in the witness protection system that operates within the scope of the Ministry of Justice, after he has declared that he feared for his safety and that of his family because he had finally spoken in the case of businessmen and former officials of the Kirchner. 19659002] For this reason he will not return to Ezeiza prison, where he was detained since that early morning in June 2016 when he was discovered with bags of millions of dollars in a General Rodriguez monastery.

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