Juan Carlos Schmid resigned from the CGT due to internal problems

This was confirmed in the last minutes.

September 30, 2018

The triumvirate of the CGT Juan Carlos Schmid presented his resignation at the Secretariat General of the General Confederation of Labor of the Argentine Republic during the afternoon of this Sunday, after only a few days of the big national strike that was held on Tuesday.

The union leader would have argued health reasons, as well as a series of disagreements with the rest of the leadership.

According to sources near Schmid, these media said: "the differences were untenable for a long time, but lasted until after the strike to ensure that it was done and to avoid the mediabol."

The news began to circulate at the beginning of nightfall and was eventually confirmed by truck driver Pablo Moyano on Radio 10.

With his departure, the General Secretariat of the CGT is in the hands of the other two members, Héctor Daer and Carlos Acuña.


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