Julieta Silva, more complicated: they accepted to make the accusation worse and the prosecutor will ask for perpetual questions – 27-08-2018

The court that tried to persuade Julieta Silva (30) to persuade and kill his backboard Genaro Fortunato (25) with his car accepted the request of Public Prosecutor Fernando Guzzo and added the accusation of murder aggravated by the relationship in the Mendoza lawsuit. This made possible the possibility of conviction eternal prison to the young woman, with a fine of at least 35 years of imprisonment.

The woman is accused of running to her friend last year on 9 September at the exit of the Mona Bar bar in the city of San Rafael. During the two weeks of the debate, the public prosecutor and the family judge of the young back aged 25 years They tried to make it clear that there was a consolidated relationship between the two. Instead, Silva's defense attempted to discredit that possibility and assured that it was a beginning relationship that was no longer than three months.

For the prosecutor Guzzo, the testimonies of several witnesses who paraded through the courtroom confirmed the accused's relationship with the victim. "They traveled together several times, were introduced as friends for friends and family and exchanged more than 6,000 WhatsApp where they talked about future plans for marriage and they even have children," the prosecution said.

Julieta Silva, this Monday, during the hearing. (Delfo Rodríguez)

Julieta Silva, this Monday, during the hearing. (Delfo Rodríguez)

On Monday afternoon, judges Rodolfo Luque, Julio Bittar and María Eugenia Laigle accepted the prosecutor's request and added the aggravated murder of the link as an accusation and maintained the other two accusations, resolved by the Criminal Chamber.

This means that Silva can be convicted for one of these three crimes: guilty murder (accidental and with a fine of less than 5 years), simple manslaughter with possible fraud (preventing him from continuing and causing the damage), 8 to 25 years in prison) and manslaughter aggravated by the couple's relationship (punishment only, at least 35 years in prison).

In the latter case Julieta Silva could be convicted of the same crime in prison, Nahir Galarza, the young woman who killed two shots in Entre Ríos for her friend, Fernando Pastorizzo. In both studies, the defense strategy was aimed at minimizing the relationship between the accused and the victims, in order to prevent the aggravation of the link.

Julieta Silva, this Monday, on arrival at the hearing. (Delfo Rodríguez)

Julieta Silva, this Monday, on arrival at the hearing. (Delfo Rodríguez)

Next Thursday at 10.30 am are the accusations of the prosecutor, the prosecutor and the lawyer of the Fortunato family (complaint) and Silva & # 39; s defense. It is discounted that the public prosecutor will ask for the maximum penaltyand from the victim's family they expected Clarín to accompany that request. Meanwhile, the defense points out that death was coincidental, looking for a punishment that unaffordable.

The sentence is expected for Friday.

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