Justice ordered the reintegration of a group of Telam employees

The Chamber V of the National Chamber of Labor Court ordered the reinstatement of five employees of the Telam state journal in the ratification of a ruling of 13 July, taking into account that in case "the objective elements that make the preventive procedure mandatory are preceded by crisis ".

According to a statement from the employees of the agency, the adopted measure confirms the "nullity" of the mechanisms applied to the 357 redundancies. "When confirming a statement about five employees in which he has drawn up a rule of general order: it is illegal – in all cases – to dismiss massively without carrying out the preventive procedure of crisis." The consequences of this appeal decision will be replicated to the other dismissed employees. "they argued.

The service of the news agency has been paralyzed since the 26th of June in the context of the conflict over layoffs in the entity.

Since then the workers have carried out a battle plan with massive mobilisations and the peaceful taking of both head offices of the state agency.

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