La Cornisa showed a safe in a building belonging to the Kirchner family

The cause that surrounds itself

the scriptures of the bribes
continues. Justice tries to recover the money from corruption and, in that context, the program
The Cornice presented a video showing a safe in a room where the agency of

Máximo Kirchner
what would be to hide money for corruption.

The images show a vault in the building located in Río Gallegos on the Néstor Kirchner Avenue, where the Sanfelice, Sancho y Asociados real estate agency operated until last November and which currently belongs to the condominium created by Máximo and Florencia Kirchner, to their mother Almost all properties from the Néstor Kirchner estate have been transferred.

The property has 366 square meters, and was acquired by

Néstor Kirchner
In 2006 Sanfelice, Sancho y Asociados would move to this location and Máximo Kirchner would join his daily work, as he was in charge, as well
the management of the Kirchne family's propertyr, which included the collection of leases to companies from Lázaro Báez.

Máximo Kirchner also installed his political bunker in the same property. After passing the commercial offices, one of which was inhabited by his cousin Romina Mercado, in the heart of the building, was the office of Máximo, behind which is located
the safe with the double door: the first door is usual, the second door is armored and connects to the safe.

"The video we add shows the safe that is in the building, it is a room that can be used to hold the millions of dollars and euros that have been sent to Santa Cruz by plane. has several problems, "explained lawyer Silvina Martinez in the letter that will be presented to the judge on Tuesday

Claudio Bonadio

How do you get to the safe?

In the cause

The Willows
, the Kirchner family and the businessmen are being investigated

Lázaro Báez

Cristóbal López
as members of a washing organization. The hypothesis is that
López and Báez enriched themselves and returned clean money to the Kirchners by renting the apartments and hotels that the presidential couple had previously acquired. Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita asked for a lawsuit several days ago.

In the context of this case Judge Bonadio asked the broker to pay the rent of this property within the Nestor Kirchner estate and to submit the contract that enabled them to stay there. The members Osvaldo Sanfelice, Carlos Sancho and Romina Mercado refused to do so for months. After the removal of the property,
Máximo and Florencia Kirchner presented a letter with an unusual request: they claimed the court
that another photo remains from Néstor Kirchner at the head office and that
the house is not rented.

In the first video you will see the entrance to the Néstor head office and then Máximo Kirchner. There you see the box that indicates the place where the safe is located. And the double entrance door, located on one side:
one door is common and the other is armored. Be observed in the safe
seven furniture stored in black. They look like shelves that can be easily used to stack bags or boxes with money.

A huge picture by Néstor Kirchner with the image of Evita in the background
mark the safe. The same painting that the Nestor children asked not to remove from the building. In the second video you can see the inside of the safe and the thickness of the armored door. A remarkable fact, when they left, they not only left the painting of Néstor, but also a bag full of bracelets with the inscription "Maximum Intendant Front For Victory".

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