La Plata: they complain that a patrol car ran over a demonstrator before the incidents

the serious confrontations at the door of the governorship in Buenos Aires, denouncing that a patrol car before the incidents had run over a demonstrator.

A witness of the fact said that the police of the Buenos Aires police wanted to run past a demonstrator when they left the city and that the anger broke out: the workers of the

Rio Santiago Shipyard
they threw rubble against the patrol car, one climbed on the roof and others on the hood. The car was completely destroyed.

According to the government of Buenos Aires, the confrontation arose when the demonstrators tried to avoid the surrounding fence and to go to the Buenos Aires government by force.

The television channel of the National University of La Plata has broadcast a video that shows the exact moment of the accident.

The moment when one of the demonstrators is run over
The moment when one of the demonstrators is run over

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