Let's change, he can not justify where he got the money to finance the province's campaign

The audit He warned about irregularities in collecting money for the campaign and urged the judge not to approve the 2017 equilibrium.

"It is not possible to recommend the approval of the final report of Article 37 of Law 26.571 of the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections, PASO, national substitute category, held on 13/8/2017, presented by the Alianza Cambiemos Buenos Aires , from the Buenos Aires neighborhood, until the observations have been corrected", keeps control of the Chamber, which published the newspaper on Tuesday The nation

Employees of the contributors Trucks Gato.mp4

Under the "comments", the experts noted that more than one hundred contributors are the beneficiaries of social plans from the Ministry of Social Development and the Anses.

"It should be noted that in the case of people who receive a kind of social benefit by the national state or registered in the social monotributo in which they could be the beneficiaries of such programs, It is striking that, although individually small, they contribute to a political group"indicates the report.

And he emphasizes that "many of these people refuse to make the informed contribution". In addition, the audit warned of other irregularities such as Contributions from companies or entities that are prohibited by law.

Employees, partners or managers of power plants on the Atlantic coast, Autopistas Urbanas SA and Petrolera El Trébol SA were some of the contributors who were observed, added the morning paper.

"There are cases of individuals and legal persons relating to each other in the same entity, a situation that allows with a certain degree of certainty that it is indirect contributions from companies or entities, prohibited by current legislation"says the report of the electoral chamber that Judge Ziulu has already received.

The observed contributions correspond to individuals who individually gave from 5,000 to 135,000 pesos. He drew attention to the fact that the contributions from people belonging to the same company are repeated in the quantity: that is, a number of the partners, managers, presidents of the above companies contributed exactly the same amount to the Cambiemos election campaign.

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