Lorenzetti leaves the court with $ 35,000 million for Justice and 29,000 employees

After having been in charge of the Supreme Court for eleven years, the Santafsino Ricardo Lorenzetti will leave the presidency in the hands of Carlos Rosenkrantz.

After having been in charge of the Supreme Court for eleven years, the Santafsino Ricardo Lorenzetti will leave the presidency in the hands of Carlos Rosenkrantz.

The president of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lorenzetti, is leaving his position on October 1 with a judicial budget of more than $ 35,000 million for 2019 and a staff of more than 29,000 employees.

The originally planned funds for 2018 were in total $ 30,507,894,588. But after a few extra adjustments, the expenses for the current year will increase $ 32,381,566,6951. Meanwhile, for the first year of the management of the new President of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, the judiciary will have $ 35,848,618,549 for its operation, a 17.50% Lake.

Lorenzetti leaves and leaves a staff plant of the judiciary with 24,311 costs. For the fiscal year 2019, that number of employees will incur salary costs $ 32,379,636,989 at least, without the usual adjustments for inflation that are added in the middle of the year.

Before 2018 the court claimed $ 8.280.536.422 for its operations, of which approximately $ 6,000 million are allocated to staff, with 4,732 costs. For the same number of labor quotas, but for next year, the magistrates asked $ 7,881,727,996. Of the total number of bailiffs 4091 resolved with "direct effect" of the Court, while 641 they are financed with funds from the National Treasury.

In 2008, the first year of Lorenzetti's administration, was the total workforce 20,003 employees. At that time the Court had 1954 employees, some 1829 permanent and others 125 temporarily. In the last eleven years, the number of staff at the Court increased by 142%.

The new expenditure plan of the Court is set in the Agreed 28/18, signed by the members of the highest court parallel to the surprise indication of Rosenkrantz instead of Lorenzetti. The exapagado with corporatist profile was chosen with four votes against one.

Before departure, the supreme santafesino included works in judicial areas for his province – and his hometown – for nearly $ 435 million for the next three years. In section 4 "Constructions", works for the federal chamber of appeal of Rosario are marked; the TOCF Rosario, the TOCF Santa Fe and the federal courts of Rafaela and Venado Tuerto. The most extensive work is phase I of the construction of the new building for the centralization of the federal justice & # 39; on a lot of 20,000 m2 of Canning Street, in the city of Rosario, for $ 398 million.

The land located in Canning Street and Avenida Alberdi, purchased by the court in 17 million dollars to install there at the federal justice in Rosario.

As indicated in the regulations, the Council of Justice received the budget and analyzed it. Although he made no remarks about the items added by Lorezentti and his co-religionists, he added an amount $ 40 million to buy and install pyrolytic furnaces in the offices of the federal justice. The so-called "self-cleaning" heaters dissolve the remains of food at high temperatures in ash, so that dirt, grease and food remains can be easily cleaned.

The Bosch steel furnace model HBA74R251E, energy classification "A", with a capacity of 57 liters and a capacity of 3,580 W, is worth approximately 457 euros, almost $ 22,000. With the $ 40 million can be purchased up to 1,839 furnaces.

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