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President Mauricio Macri stressed yesterday that the country must say "never again against corruption" and demanded society does not base you on those practices.

"We never decided to allow a society to be based on the Creole liveliness, the shortcuts, the lie, the corruption, never again in the history of the Argentineans, never again," said the president, making use of the emblematic expression that refers to the crimes against humanity committed during the last dictatorship.

During the opening ceremony of a tourist complex Parque Termal de Dolores, the head of state has again referred to the cause of the notebooks, in which former officials and businessmen are involved because of allegedly too high prices in public works and payment of bribes.

"We have decided, three years ago and a little bit more, that we are better than the life we ​​lead, that we deserve a fairer, more transparent society, where the one who undertakes and does is the one who rewards it," the PRO emphasized. -leader. .

Accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Santos, and the local mayor, Camilo Etchevarren, Macri also referred to the economic situation in Argentina and reiterated that the country "continues the storm without changing course."

"On the right track"

"Although we are going through a storm, without changing direction and without doubting that we are on the right track, we have very good things," said the president, as part of the celebration of the 201st anniversary of the Dolores party. in Buenos Aires. .

He also stressed the importance of tourism companies that decided to "compete and cut prices" and said that "tourism is reversed in terms of development".

"Tourism is a big key to the future, and this week Aerolíneas contributed 8 percent more passengers than the year before," the president concluded.

The Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, also spoke about the cause of the notebook driver Oscar Centeno and found that the judicial investigation by the federal judge Claudio Bonadio is "a turning point".

"It is a crucial moment, it is a turning point," said the cabinet member, while he stressed the application of the repentant's figure to promote the case.

In this sense he added: "It is something that clearly gives justice a very valuable tool for making progress in research, which has had a dizzying advantage in recent weeks". (AFTER)

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