Macri: "Let society never be based on Creole liveliness"

The president Mauricio Macri again referred to the scandal of corruption in public works Unleashed last weeks, for which several ex-employees of Kirchnisme and businessmen were persecuted, and assured that Since Argentina took office, Argentina is "more transparent, more just".

From the city of Dolores, where he today dedicated a thermal park, the president said:Never allow the society to be based on Creole that is misunderstood, about the lie, about corruption. That, never again in the history of the Argentines. "

When participating in the ceremony, which took place as part of the celebration of the 201st anniversary of that city in Buenos Aires, Macri said that "you can stop thinking that you are just an observer of reality, to assume that we are protagonists can be ".

"We are going through a storm, but without changing course, we know we are on the right track," Macri said.

He also referred to the economic situation and acknowledged that the country "goes through a storm", but "without changing the course". He added: "We know we are on the right track."

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It is a research conducted by the Torcuato Di Tella University. In the average of the answers it jumped 3.1% in August compared to July, but in the median it remained stable.

Despite the "conflicts that need to be resolved", Macri said that "good things are happening", including what he called tourism, that he described as "a great engine of Argentina that is being built & # 39 ;.

In that sense he emphasized the arrival of new airlines that generate "a real federal Argentina" because "you do not have to go through Buenos Aires to reach a point in the country."

"Now we have to create quality private employment throughout the country. The more we do together, the better the country will be, "he concluded.

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