Macri, on the notebooks: "This is superior to watching Netflix"

In dialogue with journalist Andrés Oppenheimer, the president

Mauricio Macri

participated in an interview with the program Oppenheimer Presenta, on CNN. There the president referred to the scandalous case of

notebooks of bribery
; reflected on the goals they make for the

Argentine economy
; analyzed foreign policy issues, and much more.

Below are some of the most remarkable phrases and ideas:

Cuadernos de las coimas

  • "Many tell me that it does not suit me [that

    Cristina Kirchner
    go prey] but what happens is handy for the country, it is the basis for Argentina "
  • " I say that in the past 20 days the Netflix score in Argentina has dropped as never before because it is higher is then see Netflix "


  • "We need the

    budget deficit
    and download

    . In this emergency we will discuss with acceleration all the governors of the opposition and ours, how we will reach 1.3 of the primary deficit next year and the primary balance in 2020. That is the agenda and we are committed "
  • " I am optimistic , we are doing well, we are setting a good budget for 2019 and Argentina is resuming the path of growth without drought. "
  • " We are in a situation of extreme tension that has not ended because, exactly, until we prove to the markets that we are consolidating the decline in government spending, we are all stuck "
  • " This crisis is for different reasons than those of 2001: firstly because we are being reintroduced into the world today. The support we received from the credit of the Monetary Fund from the world of all the most important countries in the world was unique in history. The second, this time we have clear where we are going. We are clear about our goals "
  • " I am very sorry that the process did not work as we expected with the issue of low inflation. I clearly feel that we underestimate the impact of correcting the relative prices of tariffs "

Calcaterra and Justice

  • "He warned me that he was going to present [a declarar] I am very sorry because I have a deep affection for contributions
  • " One thing is to permanently collect all economic activity that the government carries out in a compulsive manner and something else are the moments of campaigning. I fully trust the governor, there is no possibility that the governor has anything to do with taking a weight that is not hers. "

Sanctions against Maduro

  • "In Venezuela, human rights are systematically violated by running across the opposition and everyone, not just the opposition but also the general public, the value of life, the care for people, the abuse of power is lost. in Lima, at the last summit, and we are in times of change of government, but there is more and more consensus about taking more stringent measures to help the Venezuelan brothers. "

China-US fighting.

  • "I have a great relationship with President Xi Jinping and a great relationship with Donald Trump and I feel like they are looking for a balance, hopefully we will achieve this sooner, because when they do (the commercial quarrel ), we are always dependent on the markets to have the consequences. "

Pacific Alliance

  • "Today Brazil has changed its vision a lot and I am optimistic that we will have a much accelerated integration agenda that will be very good for us, because if there is something the Pacific Alliance has, it is a level of openness and integration. very big world, which we miss. "

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