Marcos Peña and Nicolás Dujovne remain firm, but Mauricio Macri will eliminate several ministries – 31-08-2018

The government managed to control the dollarbut could the rumors about changes. From the heart of the cabinet, some members doubt the continuity of deputy head Mario Quintana and Gustavo Lopetegui. In contrast, the versions are on Marcos Peña They went out during the first hours of the morning. "Marcos is Mauricio, he is the strategist, the one who brought us here. They were wrong with the pressure on him, "said one of the many ministers who participated in meetings this Friday Mauricio Macri in Olivos. The Minister of Finance Nicolás Dujovne, in the midst of negotiations with the IMF, as head of the cabinet, he is also safe.

They are moving forward, meanwhile changes in the structure of the administration. In the course of the next few hours, the merger of several ministries will be refined, an instrument that had already been evaluated in the past and that would now end with the liquefaction of the former CEO.

Double, the Minister of Agribusiness Luis Etchevehere it would be one of them first victims. It happens that Macri needs the current price of the dollar partially break his promise on soy retention. "They come from income and exports, they will not be the classic retentions, it is not yet fully defined," they explained very close to the president.

That decision could sign the minister's happinessThat he was not consulted about the possible rate changes and that he was working on the 548 redundancies and the riots in his Portfolio. In any case, your ministry has a good chance of being swallowed up by the Treasury, if the changes to the folder are specified.

The president was not convinced by the changes: a previous study that included the now-determined possibility that the Education Portfolio absorbed Science and Technology said the savings would only be US $ 8 million. However, the head of state knows that some sectors make a requirement self-sacrifice. The Ministry of Energy is also being targeted.

Some officials put the impact of a new organization chart into perspective. "It is not the priority," they condemned. The priority is the same that the government passes from the beginning of the exchange, at the end of April: stabilize the price of the dollar and reduce the deficit.

Changes, if confirmed, will serve for unpack and send a political signal as demanded by the red circle, the head of the government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the governor María Eugenia Vidaland the radical partners of Cambiemos. At Peña they insisted on rejecting the moves of the vice-chiefs.

New balance

How and how the new balance will be reached are the questions that will be answered from Monday onwards, when Dujovne will give a press conference and travel to Washington to conclude a new agreement with the IMF.

The goal of the "zero deficit", an objective and a slogan this causes shivers in a part of society and political leadership. As Dujovne acknowledged during the Thursday press conference and investigated Rogelio Frigerio as Minister of Internal Affairs, the government will not only advance expenditure, but also generate income – as the governors of Peronism and the opposition have claimed.

The movements of the dollar did not only paralyze an important sector of the economy. They also have the simultaneous reopening between Alejandro Finocchiaro and the rectors of the universities after the massive march on Thursday. "We have to wait", repeated a number of ministers.

The works of the projects of Public Private Participation (PPP) also they hang on a wire. In addition to the notebooks, they are threatened by the central rate. This was transferred by Gustavo Weiss, head of the Argentine Chamber after a visit to Frigerio in his office.

The coordination meeting was the only official activity that was published on the President's agenda. Next to Peña were the interviewed deputy chiefs, Dujovne, the vice-president Gabriela Michetti and Frigerio, whose word was given room and volume at the height of the crisis. All are habitues of the meetings. There were also the heads of the production portfolio & # 39; s, Dante Sica; and of work, Jorge Triaca.

Jaime Durán Barba, the president's preferred advisor, also went through the Fifth. He met the communications team that responds to Peña and later on Macri. "He basically listened," they said.

Andrés Ibarra, of Modernization, was another preacher who passed Olivos. The head of the AFIP Leandro Cuccioli also participated to analyze the impact of public accounts: on Tuesday a new meeting will take place with the provincial ministers. the inscrutability and the denial dominated the day.

At the most critical moment, Macri sought refuge in his The nearest circle in force. Neither María Eugenia Vidal nor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and much less Emilio Monzó, who feels outside, were invited to Olivos. The radicals seemed also because of their absence. Elisa Carrióhe keeps contact by phone at a distance. The governor and head of government will meet with Macri this Saturday. Maybe it's time to evaluate the possible changes.

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