María Eugenia Vidal lowered an order to all preachers and started to ring

an electric shock at a school in La Matanza. And a 36-year-old man who went to the Achilles tendon in a hospital in Lanús was severely injured when he – along with the stretcher – fell through a lift shaft. The next day there was, in a kind of balance of compensation, at least satisfaction with the reaction given by the Minister of Health Andrés Scarsi in the latter case. He received, among others, the relatives of the wounded and he banked, impeccably, to insult him from end to end. In his environment and in his own way, the official met the slogan that the governor had lowered last week: "We have to stand on the side of those who are in bad shape".

In the province they are aware of the impact of the economic situation, with special care in the GBA. "Although we can not measure it, because it is informal, autumn is the changas, which is complicated in the suburbs, and we do not see any general fall of formal employment, but when you walk in the street, people claim you for the economic situation. Neither troublesome contributions nor notebooks. He gives and worries about his wallet, "analyzes a senior Buenos Aires official for consulting Horn.

Beyond the local analysis, the issue of the contributions generated. In La Plata and in La Rosada. Days ago, when they jointly initiated a work in Mar del Plata, the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, set out to defend his ally: "The intention was to link the governor to this issue (for the contributions) If the truth is nobody, in his right mind, he can assume that it had something to do with that situation. "

As regards the economic debate, in the discussions with the national finance minister, Nicolas Dujovne, both the head of the provincial cabinet, Federico Salvai, and the Minister of Economy Hernán Lacunza, the prognosis they draw is comparable. The improvement to arrive does not come before the end of the year. While this newspaper went on, the worst did not happen.

The governor María Eugenia Vidal, last week in an announcement with Minister Rogelio Frigerio.

The governor María Eugenia Vidal, last week in an announcement with Minister Rogelio Frigerio.

In those conversations the total amount of the adjustment had been agreed that the province must do for the 2019 budget: about 25,000 million more than 100,000 million that the governors have to pay. "To close 2018, things are going well, for 2019 we are losing this money, which was just the bonus we should have to restore the Fondo del Conurbano", summary in the government.

In order to move the swamp, they once again play their sword width in the province: Vidal itself. Although the president had one continuing decline in his image, parallel to that of President Mauricio Macri, is still the leader who takes the best measures in the vast majority of the polls. In many of these countries, even one of the few that holds more positive than negative figures.

"The best thing she has is spontaneity, for example when she got up to confront the lifeguards in Mar del Plata when they protested and let the truck she was driving in. The idea is to exploit it again," the province, with the contradiction that could be presumed to try to program spontaneity.

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Another source of the interior gives more details: "It is not that he will defend Macri far from, but with the problems in the province, we think it should concentrate on local issues, more than in the national. "Part of the strategy was already presented by Clarín at the end of July.

The plan considers the classical "surprise visits" of the macrismo to a city, a hospital or a police station, and even has its own timbre. "Recently Maria Eugenia with Mauricio in Luján was ringing, that can go on, but also, she will only add timbreos, in the Conurbano or cities like Mar del Plata," they expanded into the governorship. In this way she would stick to the assignment she herself received: "Be close to those who have a bad time". Will it reach to appease the dissatisfaction?


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