Marley and Mirko visited Mauricio Macri at the Casa Rosada

The president of the nation Mauricio Macri received at Casa Rosada Marleywho was accompanied by his son Mirko, and together they recorded an interview that was broadcast on August 19, in the last broadcast of "Around the World".

Marley arrived at the office of the president, after being received by the secretary-general of the presidency, Fernando De Andreis, where they had a relaxed and informal conversation. "Oh, there's the president! Sorry, I did not know you were here 1"said the driver when he saw Macri depart.

"I congratulate you"said the head of state when he saw Mirko. "He is the second president he knows because he already has a photo with Obama"said Marley.

During the visit to the presidential office, Marley asked Macri, who held Mirko in his arms: "Do you enjoy your strength so much or do you suffer a bit too?".

"It is a big responsibility, for me it is a big responsibility. The days that you are connected with are very rewarding because you know that you can change the lives of many people, but the days when you are connected to the conflict, with the limitation, saying that it is not difficult, "replied the president.

Consulted about as Antonia (6) He has an idea of ​​the position that his father takes, he said: "I try to make him live very normal, I try that when I come home, the policy is omitted, I come back at 7 o'clock and I go her into the world, "Macri said.

Before Marley said goodbye to the Casa Rosada, the president Mirko sat on the couch. "In thirty or forty years, the future president," threw the driver.

Then Marley continued to ride with Lizy Tagliani, and together they toured the streets of Buenos Aires and visited emblematic places in the city, such as the Obras Sanitarias building, the Obelisk, the Evita Museum, Caminito, the Museum of Modernism. Art.

Moreover, they found Elizabeth "La Negra" Vernaci and Humberto Tortonese, great friends of the driver.

Before he finished, Marley thanked all his team and promised that that would be the case "Around the World" 2019.

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