Marley, the elect of the people and of Telefé


Charisma is one of the attributes Alejandro Wiebe makes, better known as Marley, the people's favorite. From his beginnings with appearances in the program of Susana Giménez to the remembered fax, by Nicolás Repetto, he won the hearts of the people.

Knowledge is also one of Marley's gifts and he knew how to apply it in the cycles he was in, from "360: everything to see" to "Around the world", a journey that ended on Sunday with a visit at the Casa Rosada and with Mauricio Macri as host, without forgetting "International Teleshow" and "Teleshow Records".

Self-confidence is one of the special features that have been chosen by the public. This clarity was also evident in cycles such as "Operación Triunfo", "La Voz", "Minuto para ganar" and "Celebrity Splash", among others.

Not only Macri gave an interview to the conductor and television producer who now appears in all cycles, accompanied by his son Mirko. As he did with the Argentine president, he also did it with Barak Obama, former president of the United States. who also interviewed.

In all cases the assessment was favorable, because it also happened when he participated in the fiction "Customs Argentina", "The Nanny", "Love in custody", "Married with children", "Mr. and Mrs. Camas", " Sweet love "," Graduates "and" Crazy for you ".


The last program "Por el mundo", performed together with Lizy Tagliani, again exceeded the program "PPT" by Jorge Lanata.

In his last broadcast in Buenos Aires, the driver and his son Mirko Mauricio visited Macri at the Casa Rosada.

The traveling cycle of Telefé (in Santiago del Estero was broadcast by Channel 7) achieved an average of 12.7 points, according to Ibope the most watched day program, while the program "PPT" of Lanata addressed the notebooks of the bribes, among other things it achieved a average of 10.8 points.

The battle for the rating continues on the side of the ball channel.

It should be remembered that Lanata mocked Marley and Mirko on one occasion. Fittingly, the journalist had made a sketch in "PPT" with reference to Mirko.

Mirko cries

In the last program "For the World" the driver and his son were received by President Mauricio Macri at Casa Rosada. I thought there were cats & # 39 ;, the president said after he had listened to Mirko. When he lifted him up to climb, the little one could not contain the weeping, although it was soon during the head of the head of the state.

Macri then joked with Marley and told him that he owed his fame to his son: "He got you out of anonymity, you eat thanks to him."

The three together toured the presidential office and the president confessed: "Often when I am here and they say good morning, President & # 39; I say & # 39; oh, I am it & # 39;".

Macri took Mirko to the armchair of Rivadavia. & # 39; Over thirty or forty years, the future president, & # 39; threw his father, but the little boy burst into tears as soon as he sat down. "He did not like it, a lot of responsibility," the driver finished.

One of Marley's questions to Macri was whether he enjoyed having so much power. "A lot of responsibility, for me it's a big responsibility, the days you're connected to are very rewarding because you know that you can change the lives of many people, but the days that you are connected to the conflict are difficult," he replied. first president.

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