Marley visited Casa Rosada and Mirko met Mauricio Macri – 19-08-2018

Marley He usually travels through different countries with his program All over the world (The Thirteen, Sundays at 9:45 pm), but in the last broadcast of the season the driver made the bike from Buenos Aires.

Next Lizy Tagliani as a guest host, Marley and his son Mirko toured several tourist spots in the citysuch as Puerto Madero, the Japanese garden, the Colón Theater and the Olympic village that is being built in Villa Soldati for the Olympic Youth Games.

But the surprise happened then they went to the Casa Rosada and met the president of the nation. "Uy the president, sorry I interrupt you, I did not know you were here," said the driver when he saw Mauricio Macri leave your office.

"I congratulate you" were the President's first words for Mirko's director, whom he later had in his arms. "You already know two presidents, because you also have a picture with (Barack) Obama", Marley told about his son.

Then they both passed through the presidential office. "Often I go in and when they say good morning, I feel & am # 39; I am still surprised & # 39;, well-known Macri.

Marley and Mirko on the balcony of the Casa Rosada (Twitter)

Marley and Mirko on the balcony of the Casa Rosada (Twitter)

"Do you enjoy so much power?" Wanted to know Marley, using the meeting to ask some questions. "A lot of responsibility, for me it is a big responsibility. The days you are connected to are very rewarding because you know that you can change the lives of many people, but the days when you are connected to the conflict are difficult. "

"Deal with when I come home, politics is out. I come back around 7 and then I go into her world, "said Macri about his daughter Antonia.

At the end of the meeting, President Mirko allowed himself to sit in the armchair that he usually occupied daily. "In thirty or forty years, the future president"the driver joked. But Mirko did not like the idea very well and burst into tears. "He did not like it, a lot of responsibility," Marley said before saying goodbye to the Casa Rosada.

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