Mauricio Macri and the homemade flan, the dessert of the controversy

24 August 2018 – 01:31
After the parody created by the humorist Alfredo Casero on Alejandro Fantino's program about the custard, as a critique of Kirchnerism, the president published a suggestive image.

The intervention of the actor Alfredo Casero last Friday in the program "Animales sueltos", which leads Alejandro Fantino, had major consequences in the social networks and also in the agitated Argentinean political environment. In addition to launching his movement "We are not boludos", the comedian made a parody with the flan as a critical metaphor for the previous government. During the weekend, the president Mauricio Macri uploaded a photo to Instagram where he saw the dessert in question.

From these expressions came social networks in the familiar slit: many users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram applauded the performance of Casero and even came to a position in the national government; and many others criticized him and argued that he & # 39; the poor people who have a terrible time today & # 39; fooled.

The controversy ended when President Mauricio Macri uploaded a photo to his Instagram account, where he saw a delicious caramel custard on a long table with other people.

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