Mauricio Macri believed his own optimism and was a victim of his decisions

Was there a coup attempt? Did you want to get the government off the market? Were the memes of the helicopter more than a joke?

The deterioration that broke out this week began a year ago in December, when the government resigned its own inflation targets. Today, currency traders remember it.

The story is linear: in the beginning there was a debate between gradualism and shock. The shock was something that everyone recommended but that no one was encouraged to continue.

The bomb left by the K did not explode: they left earlier. and Mauricio Macri believed the optimism that he preached. Everything was wrong, but I could handle it again. He thought that running a business and running a country are similar problems … and they are not. He did not take into account that bringing businessmen to the government would give him conflicts of interest. He had them and he has them. The anti-corruption and justice bureau had a conciliatory view of the subject.

That began to worsen the trust that had just been born. Macri already wore that jacket: that of his family doing business with the state. Conflicts of interest were a problem that they released. Then they placed a number of inflation targets that nobody asked them and they could not fulfill them. The government began to ask debts as if that road was infinite. He tried to shorten a little and then gave in to the pressure. He asked for more debts.

The financial instruments, the floating of the dollar and the easy credit created a small spring that made it possible to think that inflation would certainly fall. Then – without touching the background issues – real life prevailed. He began to adjust for subsidies and refused to grant privileges. Excited with the hypothetical creation of wealth that balanced the bills, the government preferred the richest sectorsit hurt his own electoral base and tried to calm the marginal. If there was an emergency, that there was one, everyone would have to work together equally or equally.

Peronism attended these early years, lost in their own contradictions and with the fear of ending with Cristina. The same people who left Menem five minutes after his discharge from ballotage are still hiding in the skirts of the former president. They talk about the notebooks and say nothing about the bags. Honest peronists eventually each defend a bag that is not theirs. Nobody had the slightest courage to say that the cases against Cristina are criminal, not politics.

How to believe them, then? When the money ran out, our division was bigger: they let Macri crash into the ground. The opposition attends the crisis to shout but calmly: they prefer that, if everything falls, it is Macri who does the dirty work by the time they reach a cheap Argentina where the assets will not cost anything and the investments yet will come. That devaluates another, that another fails, as if they do not live in the country. It is our destination every ten years, one makes the party and the one who arrives pays for it. We always pay for it. The bank is closed, the piqueteros and the pope threaten with a December with supermarkets, the gremialistas are ready to stop and the market knows that the dollar can continue to increase the time it takes. The problem is that the country does not sink into parts, it drops completely.

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