Mauricio Macri brought corruption into full force with the PJ for the budget – 08/24/2018

The government he got into temptation to indicate that the agreement with the governors was concluded with the Budget 2019, which implies a strong adjustment of the expenditure of 300 billion pesos to reach the goal of reducing the budget deficit by 1.3 percent. That temptation earned him one public reprimand of the governors of the opposition, who control 19 of the 24 districts. The leaders distributed a letter in which conditions and they ask that the project think about the form of & # 39; generate more resources & # 39 ;.

In the midst of this tension, Mauricio Macri shared an act with the governor of Tucumán, Juan Manzur, one of those who signed the text and one of the most critical of the Macrist model. The photo served to give a signal of dialogue in full discussion about the adjustment. The president returned at the same time to take a dive into the scandal of corruption that Justice investigates from the look of Oscar Centeno notebooks for try to get some kind of income or, directly, put pressure on the PJ. Until recently, the official strategy was not to talk about the matter. It was enough, they said, to let Justice handle it. However, it is the third time that Macri has had it over the past few days.

Mauricio Macri, at the YPF plant.

Mauricio Macri, at the YPF plant.

"All the money of corruption explains the things we miss", Said Said in the city of El Bracho, 23 kilometers from the capital city of Tucumán, where he was present at the start of a turbine built by YPF Luz and he continued:" Now we understand why we have no routes, ports or why we have lack of energy. But we have already created different conditions and rules, always with respect for the institutional framework. This is the only way to deal with turbulence in the world. & # 39;

It was it tenth time that Macri visited Tucumán since he took the presidency. With Manzur he greeted and spoke warmlydespite the political differences they maintain. He asked him to abide by the national law on access to public information as a gesture of transparency in management. He then visited an agro-industrial exhibition in Concepción and was also in Benjamín Paz, where he dedicated a building for the kindergarten of the Yocoliguala school.

While Macri was still in Tucumán, the governors spread the letter to try it cool the expectation of the verdict on a possible agreement for the budget. It consists of seven points. In one of the paragraphs, they make it clear that "the provinces are willing to contribute with an extra effort so that the government achieves the budget balance proposed", although they warn that the project "should focus not only on spending, but also on the means and mechanisms that allow the effort to be equitably distributed across all sectors of society ". Then they clarify that "there is no need to rely on the increase in tax quotas"But yeah"calculate the total amount of the cost of the increase in resources to be reduced ".

The nation and the provinces agreed to move to one in the last few hours intermediate room until next week. "For now everything is not fixed. We want to contribute, but miss it"He said to it Horn Roberto Gattoni, minister of finance and finance of San Juan Juan Sergio Uñac.

In the Casa Rosada the governors are divided into three groups In one of them are the five that are owned by Cambiemos, who support the project that the Executive will send to Congress on 15 September without any excuse. In the second group they find the closest ones, such as Juan Manuel Urtubey (Salta), Juan Schiaretti (Córdoba) and Uñac. And in the third group they place the most reticent, led by Carlos Verna (La Pampa), Gildo Insfrán (Formosa) and Manzur himself, with whom Macri sought a new approach. "The currency is in the air, but the agreement comes out. There is no climate without a budget", They rely on Balcarce 50.

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