Mauricio Macri: "The silver of corruption explains the things we miss" – 24-08-2018

President Mauricio Macri spoke Friday about the cause of the bribery of the bribe, and said that "the money of corruption explains the things we do not have".

It was in the afternoon in Tucumán, where he was visiting works carried out by the company YPF Energía in the El Bracho factory and that will increase the installed power to 280 kW on site.

"Now We understand why we do not have routes, ports or more energy. But we have already created different conditions and rules, with respect for institutionalism. This is the only way to deal with turbulence in the world, "said the head of state, accompanied by deputies Facundo Garretón and José Cano and Senator Silvia Elías de Pérez.

"We need cheap energy for us and export, companies from around the world have participated here and those who did not follow the rules had to pay a fine and those who met today provide a service. when situations like the notebooks appear, it brings us a lot of sadness"he continued.

"We must be proud that we have been able to discover the truth and put it on the table, it is not true that we will not be able to change, we are already changing, this is proof that we can work respect for healthy competition and care for money from all Argentinians, "Macri added.

Governor Juan Luis Manzur was also in the place, who claimed a few days ago – along with other Judicial governors – for the Cut from the Sojero fund, Causing Tucumán no longer receives about 1,800 million pesos.

After the ceremony, Macri will travel to Concepcion to visit an agro-industrial exhibition in the area, and later he will head north to Benjamín Paz to initiate a classroom within the 10,000 classroom program.

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