Mayra Arena gives its definition of poverty: "Being poor has gone to sleep and dreams that you eat"

Mayra Arena, the 26-year-old from Bahía Blanca, who carried the audience with him
his exhibition "What the poor have in mind", in a TEDx talk that was held a few weeks ago, continues to be reflected in his reflections on the vision of society against pregnant women of low class, the extreme conditions in the world. that the most vulnerable sectors live and, among other things, the criticism they receive from a particular sector on how they vote.

"When a government cares for the poor, to help them, they talk about being perverse, when a government does something for the poor, it has to buy votes … For the poor it is the only social class that is condemned by votes about our economic interests. "Arena said in the program I Need to Say (Sunday, 10 pm, America).

And he continued: "When this government promised to take the taxes on profits, which have not yet been fulfilled, the middle class agreed to believe in that promise and reflect on their economic interests." Nobody would judge that, it is perfectly logical to think about personal interests. But when the poor vote for a government that focuses on our economic interests, it turns out that we are all imbecile, perverse or manipulable. & # 39;

In the chat with
Luis Novaresio, Arena also discussed what it means to be part of the most vulnerable social sector. "Being poor is sleeping and dreaming that you eat, I realized that I was poor at school, my classmates invited me to the house and I realized that they ate in the morning and in the evening. dinner hunger will grab us, "he explained to the driver of the cycle.

"There is contempt for the poor: from many sectors our rights are questioned, our right to consume, to have children," said Arena. And as far as the outlook on society towards pregnant girls is concerned, he added: "The worst look I got from society started at the age of 14 when I was in panzona, there are people who look at you with much contempt, there are people who hate teenage girls who are mothers. "

On the subject, Novaresio reminded her that in the TED talk she referred to the criticism that the poor get because they have so many children. "If you have nothing, have something that will be yours all your life and that no one will take it from you, it seems incredible, and a son is that, a son will be yours and his life is not what you are nobody goes away, "answered Arena.

The young woman who was born in Villa Caracol, one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Bahía Blanca, is currently renting an apartment in the same city and has opened a small hair removal room in her house. Arena, before you go through the TED talks
I had written a text on Facebook that became viral entitled "The benefit of being poor". In that publication, the young woman who studies Political Science today told about the hard experiences of her mother and marked the differences between poverty and marginality.

Arena shared the living room of Debo Saying next to the Minister of Culture
Pablo Avelluto, the actress and singer
Inés Estévez, the journalist
Reynaldo Sietecase, the national delegate
Felipe Solá and the driver Lía Salgado. His reflections were the focus of the night.

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