Mobilize "Hard" unions of the CGT against the budget

The "fighting" guilds of the CGT led by the Moyano and forming the trade union front for the national model were today shown together to hold a plenary meeting next Thursday, announcing that they will mobilize the Congress when the delegates handle the budget project 2019.

In turn, they have ratified their participation in the national strike of the next Tuesday of the CGT, despite their confrontation with the leadership of the labor center that embodies the triumvirate and moderate leaders of great influence within the entity, as the "fat" and the "independents".

"We must offer the possibility of opposing this progress of adaptation that many workers need," said the head of the Banking Association, Sergio Palazzo, accompanied by Pablo Moyano, Truckers and Ricardo Pignanelli, from SMATA at a press conference.

There they confirmed the completion of a plenary meeting of the Trade Union Front in the Club Ferro Carril Oeste of the Caballito district in Buenos Aires for this Thursday starting at 15.00, and their participation in the national strike on the 25th of this month.

"There is no break for day 25. There has been a national strike that was voted in the plenary meeting of general secretaries (of the CGT) with the presence of this space," explained Palazzo, by minimizing the differences in the workers' union. the face of measure strength.

Pignanelli said in turn that "the disagreement at the top of the CGT was historic, but there is something that the leaders always respected, the unification of the regional conurbano and the interior."

"This is what insists on taking common action measures, although the unity in his head has not yet been achieved, it is clear that the unit underneath is there, because the claim is there," said the head of the fitters union. there is "a supplication of the comrades who say & # 39; unanse & # 39;

To that extent, Pablo Moyano confirmed the intention of that trade union sector to "mobilize to the Congress on the day the budget is being discussed" for 2019 in the lower chamber, in rejection of which initiative is adopted, when it considers it "an adjustment against the employees ".

He also said that after a meeting with representatives of the Front for Victory, they will meet again with "the comrades of the Front Renovador".

"We are going to ask the deputies, senators and governors of Peronism to reject this budget that will bring more unemployment, adaptability and labor flexibility," said Pablo Moyano.
At the press conference that unionists offered in the library of the truck driver union near Caballito, there were representatives from about 60 unions, according to the organizers of the meeting.

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