Moreno proposes a "transitional government" and leaves Macri – Diario La Provincia SJ

The always political former Minister of Commerce Guillermo Moreno proposed this Saturday a "transitional government" led by Miguel Angel Pichetto and with the support of Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner, given the cause known as "the notebooks of corruption", where it is mentioned by the rector Oscar Centeno, finally falls on Mauricio Macri.

"We need to evaluate the possibility that a patriot of us will take charge of the country in the light of this disorder," Moreno said in an interview with FM La Patriada, and immediately stressed that "hopefully Pichetto will lead the transitional government" with the support of Cristina Kirchner.

"You think that if Pichetto takes the lead, Cristina will not support him." Do not doubt, "said Moreno, that" an alternative to resolving this situation is a transitional government and I hope the exit is institutional. "

He was adamant that he does not advise that the transitional government would" take Cristina, imagine do you want Cristina to hold the government in two or three months? "

Moreno believes that Judge Claudio Bonadio's case finally points to the president's family:" The conflict between the scriptures ends with the head of Macri, sentenci, and added as an argument to his proposal that the government "goes to a place where all exits are bad & # 39 ;. 19659002] Moreno was so apocalyptic: "We are in a scenario where what you lived in 2001 is half of what you are going to live."

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