Nation called the professors of the university right

On the point of participation in the fourth week of unemployment at public universities, the Ministry of Education convened Monday paritaria. On Thursday a national march is planned to Plaza de Mayo.

The nation's ministry of education has convened Conadu, Conadu Historico, FEDUN, CTERA, UDA and FAGDUT to resume the salary negotiation table. The Ministry of Education of the Nation called on Monday the six unions of university professors to resume the table of wage negotiations, in the midst of a new strike that hits the houses of high studies in the country and that was extended during this week third week . The guilds had called a fourth work-break week and on Thursday a march to Plaza de Mayo.

The meeting with the government takes place in the Sarmiento palace and is led by the Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro, and the minister of university policy, Danya Tavela, was informed on Thursday.

The called unions are Conadu, Conadu Histórica, FEDUN, CTERA, UDA and FAGDUT.

The purpose of the educational portfolio is to try to bring positions closer together in the middle of the hard salary conflict, which has caused the classes in the universities to be paralyzed most of the days from the beginning of the second semester at the beginning of this month. .

So far, the government has not switched from the 15% offer to three installments, while trade unions warn that this supply is scarce and that inflation estimates for this year are close to 35%.

The level of violence that prevails runs from last Tuesday to next Saturday, while next Friday the industry sector associations will hold a meeting at the Plaza de Mayo to analyze the next steps in the conflict.

Meanwhile, the outcome of the meeting on Monday with Finocchiaro will be what will determine whether or not lessons will follow at the universities next week.

Also stick to the claim professors of schools that depend on national universities, such as the National College of Buenos Aires, the Carlos Pellegrini School and the National College of La Plata, with a total of one hundred secondary characteristics across the country.

March of flares

In Santa Rosa, the UNLPam will remain taken by the students until Friday afternoon at the latest. Yesterday afternoon, the professors made a symbolic embrace on the Campus of the Faculties of Agronomy and Exact and Natural. Then, in the street of the head office, there was a trade fair for the production of the research teams. And later organized a conference on Masculinity and Videoart by Antonio Caballero Gálvez, in the hall of the UNLPam.


This Friday at 7:00 pm they called for a Light March so that Public Education does not go out. And at 8pm she will talk about "Women Say Basta", Alejandra Ciriza, during an activity organized by the Free Ernesto president "Che" Guevara.

Next Friday a plenary meeting of the CONADU Historica was held, which will decide in Buenos Aires how the battle plan will continue. They are expected to extend unemployment for another week. On Thursday, August 30 there was already a march to Plaza de Mayo.

Despite the fact that the regular media make the conflict and the lack of response of the national government invisible, the protest grows, spreads through social networks and receives support from the community. The national government refuses to give a 30% increase to teachers and has been holding a 15% offer without a trigger clause since 15 February.

At the same time, the cuts of 3 billion pesos applied at the beginning of the year and the backwardness of transfers of funds caused a number of national universities to become paralyzed. In the UNLPam, according to ADU, the operational funds only reach October or November. Chancellor Oscar Alpa tried to make cold sheets and said that if the services do not make a new leap, it will come to December.

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