Neither Cristina Kirchner nor Sergio Massa: Peronism accelerates the search for an unexpected candidate

A sector of peronism does not want to wait much longer. Discuss today's talks to find a candidate to ensure the return to power in the next round of elections, which misses a year, but releases that name only in March or April 2019. Before you have to spend the summer. And for the summer you have to spend December.

It is still unclear who this candidate will be able to defeat Mauricio Macri and end Cambiemos' experience, at least at national level. It would not be one of the names that are in the dance today, both in the slope of federal Peronism and in the ranks of the Kirchner., although finally there could be unity after a large internal.

More specifically, and against the wish of the Casa Rosada, who would rather see a divided opposition sign and work behind that goal, that candidate would not be Cristina Kirchner for a simple reason: it does not guarantee victory. I could go to a second round, but not further. "It does not win, that's it," summed up a peronist leader who was involved in the design of the opposition strategy.

Moreover, the Kirchner who wanted to do everything was good for three losses since 2013. In the PJ that is not forgotten, although no leader of panperonismo today has the support that the previous president has. Will Cristina accept Kirchner to go to a trainee or hand in the candidacy to an alleged winner? The Peronist strategist sees no alternative. Is that or the plain another four years, with other associated risks in the Justice. But Cristina is Cristina, it would not be the first time she chooses to be wrong.

Nor would it be Sergio Massa, Today the main reference of non-Kirchner Peronism. For him too, at least for the time being, the numbers are elusive. The polls do not show that picture that divided the massismo of an electorate into thirds likes. In addition, recalling in Peronism that in the last election was in third place, and in the same list also note that another president, Juan Manuel Urtubey Salta, made a very bad choice in his own province in the legislative last year.

There are few names and in the PJ they limit the options even more. "He is not one of those who are considered today, he will become a Peronist and he will become a governor, but we will not decide yet ", they maintain with a quota of mystery near a provincial leader. "There is a lot of conversation going on", the source confirmed. That would leave out another one that has aspirations, Senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto. And among those who govern provinces, they are those who could transcend their homeland.

The reading made of Federal Government's federal Peronism is that his luck is thrown: they count on it not knowing to lead the economy, tributary to the land in astronomical numbers and they will not give him the times so that a possible reactivation in the second half of the next year it will arrive in the pockets of the people on time. "Macri no one believes him", illustrated a leader of the weight in the PJ. Not so long ago Massa brought to the North American capital the image of an Argentinian "disillusioned by a new failure", while at the same time remarking that "societies never deteriorate".

The same Peronists who put their thumbs in front of Cambiemos believe, with some voluntarism, that they will not be able to govern much time and therefore they must present themselves as a serious option that offers predictability and guarantees from management in a modern Argentina. integrated into the world. A priori, therefore, any association with Kirchnerism seems to lead to a contradiction. But at the moment of adding votes, uncomfortable coexistence may be inevitable.

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