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After the first public hearing for the gas price increase, the former Ministry of Energy reported that in connection with the presentations of the gas distributors, the last increase from October in the gas invoice for households "will not exceed 30%, lower than the it is expected that the CPI of 2018 will rise, "he said.

"This is due to national gas production continues to increase as a result of the investments that have been made in Vaca Muerta over the past 18 months," says a statement from the brand new secretary. Likewise, more production made it possible to realize a reduction of one dollar per million BTU (from 5.20 to 4.20) in natural gas for power plants in August this year.

The public hearing by the regulatory authority (ENARGAS) in the Metropolitan Design Center of CABA involved more than 60 speakers. It was even made when the consumer organizations and the ombudsmen of the province of Buenos Aires and several municipalities asked for deferment to appeal to the economic situation of the users.

This Thursday, a second public hearing will take place in Santiago del Estero to listen to the proposals from more users, from 4 other distributors and the TGN carrier.

With the currency crisis still having an uncertain end and the lack of agreement between producers and distributors, there are no specific tariff tables that need to be debated, despite the official clarification. Although the hearings do not have a binding character for the executive branch, they are terminated with due regard for a formal form, in this case there is no question of a subject to be debated, for which objection can be lodged with the court at the meeting.

Distributors and carriers presented the adjustment for inflation corresponding to their income for the extended tariff review approved during the management of Juan Jos Aranguren. Because the evolution of the wholesale price index from March to August shows an increase of 28.82%, with the last estimated month, these companies will ask for the full application of the adjustment which implies an increase of about 15% in the final rate of the users.

With a dollar of up to $ 31, the distributors estimated an increase of about 100% in the final rate, with the new value of the gas being calculated on the wellhead, with a discount of 15% over the agreed amount at the time of Aranguren and taking into account the debt with the oil companies in peso & # 39; s and not in dollars.

The Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires participated in the hearing, Alejandro Amor, who demanded that the rate increases be discontinued and the service shortening would be suspended due to lack of payment because, "he said," many people can not afford to to raise the head ".

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