New setback for the Telam board: Justice destroyed the 357 redundancies politics

the Chamber V of the National Chamber of Labor Appeals gave a new setback to the board of the Telam agency the consequences of the dismissal of 357 employees of it

The verdict of the chamber, signed by the judges Enrique Arias Gibert and Miguel Rodríguez Brunengo ratified the preliminary ruling of July 13 that had led to a protection in favor of the workers of Télam and had the rDirect installation of five of them.

"At the same time, Room V's decision is an unavoidable precedent for all other prosecuted cases, hundreds of which must be settled by the same judges, Sipreba lawyers are already working in that direction," says a statement from the Commission. Internally from Télam.

Moreover, in the same statement it was made clear that the company the Crisis procedure for the Ministry of Labor, as agreed before making the layoffs and forced the board to get it. The opening yes or yes to this procedure cancels the consequences of the dismissal of the 357 affected employees.

The workers at the Télam office are making a strike and a peaceful stay in the two offices of the agency since 24 July when the telegrams of redundancies began to arrive.

"Justice again endorsed the struggle that Telam's workers and employees had been advocating for the existence of strong public, pluralistic and federal media for nearly 60 days." Public media that, although the government does not understand it, is made with workers ", the workers decided.

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