New transport increase: the minimum bus ticket costs $ 12

The train ticket costs at least $ 4.25 to $ 8.25, depending on the branch. There is another increase in October.

September 14, 2018

From this Saturday it will be applied the new public transport tariff for collectiveswhose minimum costs 12 pesos, and also trains, in both cases in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires. In this way the collective will have risen more than 100% this year so far.

Upload it, fifth so far this year, It is part of a schedule announced by the national government at the end of July and foresees that the minimum collective ticket will pass 11 to 12 pesos, while it will also affect the seven metropolitan train lines, between 0.50 and 0.75 cents the minimum according to the branch.

On 15 October, the final phase of the planned increases will be applied, which is the lowest percentage of the collective up to 13 pesos, although this does not mean that there will be no more adjustments before the end of the year.

With the new tariff arrangement, from Saturday onwards a collective journey of less than 3 kilometers will cost 12 pesos, while the most common sections will be more expensive because the ticket will jump for a route of 3 to 6 kilometers from 11.75 to 13 pesos & # 39; s a journey of 6 to 12 kilometers will disappear 12.25 to 13.75 pesos.

In the case of trains, the highest price is paid on the Sarmiento, Miter and San Martin lines from this Saturday, which means that switching from one seat to another costs 12.50 pesos, and from October 15th, will leave 13.25 pesos.

The minimum train passages, which serve to cross part of the track, will be 4.25 pesos in the Belgrano Norte; 8.25 pesos in the Miter, Sarmiento and San Martín; 4.75 pesos in the Roca and the Belgrano Sur, and 5 pesos in the Urquiza.

When the year 2018 started, the minimum collective ticket was 6 pesos, so the increase will be 116.67%. Since Mauricio Macri took office, the minimum in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires It rose 333%.


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