Only 3 out of 10 pensioners manage to cover the basic package of $ 21 thousand

Monday, August 20, 2018 19:07

The Defender of the Third Age warns in a new report on the critical situation that retirees are going through in Argentina, one of the sectors that find the most difficult to break up inflation.

In the last measurement the entity that is at the head Eugenio Semino He warned that 7 out of 10 retirees fail to cover the basic basket that guarantees their survival and arrived in August at 21,000 pesos when the minimum is 8,200 pesos.

"Pensioners make changes in a society that naturalizes that aging is poor, in Argentina, with 8 thousand pesos, no one can live and we are talking about a universe of 7 million people" sentenci Semino.

In dialogue with C5N Semino said that the Defender's basket covers housing, food and medication for retirees in the city of Buenos Aires, the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the capital of Crdoba and Rosario, the major urban centers where the highest density of older people is concentrated. Semino also noted that over the past six months, pharmacy stocks, which are not included in the drugs covered by social operations, have increased by 30 percent due to the fact that they are denominated in dollars.

"What is needed is an immediate recalculation, in addition to discussing a more or less point in retirement mobility," Semino said and demanded that the extraordinary payment be covered by the flow of the sustainability guarantee fund, which manages the ANSES and whose assets are listed as liquidity tools to conclude the agreements signed with the IMF.

"The Guarantee Fund for Sustainability, instead of being available to multilateral organizations, must be the only safe place: the wallet of pensioners, which generates taxes and works with internal consumption," Semino stresses and asks "to discuss this type of the things and not how it continues to reduce the misery of those who are part of a third of our population. "

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