Persistent warning for strong storms for eastern Chaco

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A new weather alert was issued on Friday for strong storms for the east of Chaco and conditions are expected to improve from southwest to northeast as of today.

According to the report from the National Meteorological Service, this area is expected to be affected by isolated rains and storms, some locally strong or severe, with abundant water falling in short periods, strong electrical activity, gusts and an occasional fall from the hail.

The most intense phenomena associated with these storms are expected east of the coverage area, warns the warning, especially in the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones.

For the remainder of the morning, moderate or regular winds from the eastern sector are predicted, which change with gusts in the southern sector. And in the evening, with a maximum of 20ºC, the cloudy sky, with regular or strong winds from the southern sector, with gusts.

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