Province calls on workers from Shipyards to meet in exchange for the completion of the ministry's purchase

Following the decision by the government of Buenos Aires to end a planned meeting with representatives of the Rio Santiago Shipyard, the workers went to the Ministry of Economy, located in the center of La Plata, to express their dissatisfaction with the situation of uncertainty that they are going through. The tension grows as the weeks pass and the conflict finds no direction.

The suspension of the meeting did not coincide well with the workers who had a meeting in the morning where they analyzed the steps that would follow in the conflict. In that respect, before "new coarseness of the government of Vidal", decided to attend the construction of the portfolio that leads the Minister Hernán Lacunza.

The government estimates that there are about 700 demonstrators linked to left parties, ATE Ensenada and, say, near the mayor of Ensenada, Mario Secco.

"Yard workers who are faced with the failure of the province to buy the supplies and the non-fulfillment of yesterday's meeting, we march towards La Plata", He communicated minutes before the arrival in the building, Francisco "Pancho" Banegas, secretary general of ATE Ensenada.

"We want to work, we do not want to be on the streets, today the responsibility of the government of the province of Buenos Aires for what can happen on the street with the companions of the shipyard", he warned.

The decision to peacefully take the Ministry of Economy came from a previous meeting, which was decided with the workers. Now they stay in the official building until they are received by an official.

On August 21, the workers of Astillero were violently repressed by the police for the interior in La Plata, after they wanted to enter by force in a desperate attempt to be heard by the governor María Eugenia Vidal. Although the spirits were calmed, taking the building deepened the tension again.

With the passage of the hours they assured themselves from the interior that they were in a process of dialogue with the shipyard workers who took over the Ministry. Because he was able to rebuild INFOCIELO por provincial sources, very early this morning, before the seizure of the Ministry of Economy, "the provincial government proposed to the trade unions of the shipyard a meeting for the 16". "If they turn off the ministry, that proposal is still standing"they insure the Calle 6. Meanwhile they slide: "The goal is clearly another, with a meeting that has been called to give a show of unnecessary violence".

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