Restless for the revelations of José López, the Peronism redefines its armed – 08/19/2018

At the CFI, four Peronist governors came together last Friday to plan a legal and judicial uprising against the abolition of the Soy Fund that Mauricio Macri arranged through a DNU.

A little later, the four met Miguel Pichetto and Sergio Massa. The senator blamed them for their legislators they did not give quorum in the session to deal with the raids on Cristina Kirchner.

The Tigren had brought in two days earlier stand still a dinner planned with the intendant of the suburbs. On Thursday came governors, legislators and mayors who were summoned by José Luis Gioja to defend the former president.

One of the governors who the I miss the CFI, will meet this week with Florencio Randazzo, former minister and rival of Cristina, who did not speak to Massa to see him every two weeks.

José López.

José López.

One of Friday's absents, the Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey, will be in Mendoza this week and a few days ago Rogelio Frigerio, Emilio Monzó and Rodríguez Larreta Schedule, political wing of Change.

the Periodontal hyperactivity concentrated contribution, on Friday, a difficult fact: the return of José López, former secretary of Public Works, condemned and now Roman "remorseful" in the cause of the "Notebooks of Rye".

Everything, or almost everything, happens privately and has a varied agenda: the economic crisis, the budget negotiations and the investigation – with possible effects – of the "notebooks" that with Lopez on the spot for many people can become headaches.

"It goes straight against the Kirchner, but it also strikes us all", a Peronist interprets with an office in Congress that has 7 x 24 in service for the unit of the PJ no K:

Lopez was the executor of a system that, according to the mayors, consisted of the nation that granted the work with "closed package", that is, already put out to tender and with the management of the company.

"The cause is not known where it can end", account Horn a former official. "José was in charge of the works and had a link with everyone, and when I say to everyone, I mean not only the PJ, but also the radical K", he almost points as a warning.

Translation: yes the fire friend of Lopez It covers more than ten years K-government, it can not only reach historical Peronist figures, but also radicals, which nowadays are part of Cambiemos and are related to citizen tourism.

The judicial investigation with its public splinter groups forced panperonismo to redefine its agenda. Planet K launched a crusade with the slogan #FuerzaCristina and stains that indicate the Cristina-Macri antagonism.

Peronism not K filed an event planned at the beginning of September in the province of Buenos Aires, where he wanted to join Urtubey, Massa, Randazzo, Roberto Lavagna and Cordovan Juan Urtubey and José Manuel De la Sota who, in front of the "notebooks" he met Máximo Kirchner.

What De la Sota fits the protocol of the PJ no K that says they should be Opponents of Macri and "differentiate" from Cristina, but not against her. According to the surveys that the & # 39; federals & # 39; read, the government's rejection grew to 65%. In Córdoba, Macri reached 54% of the negativity, according to those polls.

Urtubey insists with his anti-Cristina position. On their side they explain that it is the way to seduce sectors of the region disillusioned macrismo. "Let's start apart and end together" is the order repeated by the people of Salta about the unity of Peronism, not K.

Cristina has withdrawn and is now waiting for the result of the session on Wednesday. Assume that the ruling party is closer to the. State quorum. There is a remarkable change: from being offensive – and growing from the economic setbacks of Macri – he was now in defense.

Cristina Kirchner.

Cristina Kirchner.

Cristina overestimates the failure of the Senate session and believes that it is a sign that Peronism solidified in his defense (& # 39; used to be. In the same variable is the photo with Hugo Moyano and the presence of PJ mayors in the role of Ensenada on Saturday 11.

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