Santiago del Estero: adolescent confesses that she has been abused by her – Diario La Provincia SJ

adolescent relationship with her parents who was abused by her mother, which led to a report on alleged sexual abuse involving Comisionra Seccional 48 of Los Jures, General Taboada Department.

According to the police report, the victim's mother, living in a rural area of ​​the Juan Felipe Ibarra department, reported that she was going to Los Jures for a medical check-up. She received a text message from her concubine, where she told her that I had to talk about his daughter. In communication, the father told him that the girl had been abused by the order, so that she immediately returned to their home.

Even before the mother told the small details about the abuses. He confirmed that his horn touched his intimate parts and that they had had unconscious relationships on several occasions.

According to the complaint, the victim stated that the suspect, when he went to school, stopped her on a district road and abused her, who was defenseless, according to the website

Moreover, every time the parents were absent, the victim was left behind in the house that was in charge of her two younger sisters. There he would lock them up with the little ones to subdue his own little nieces with his own instincts.

Faced with this situation, the mother of the victim radic filed a complaint against her own younger brother. Dr. Ysica Luca, prosecutor in the capital because of the alleged crime of sexual abuse, intervenes in the case, which orders that the minor is transferred to the forensic doctor of that Fiscala to carry out the rigorous investigations.

Source: Crnica.

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