Scandal with & # 39; pro-life & # 39; militants who tried to prevent abortion of a handicapped and raped child

27 August 2018 – 21:11
The victim is 14 years old. It is the first case of a legal interruption of pregnancy in the province of San Juan.

In the middle of incidents this Sunday the first legal abortion was practiced in the province of San Juan. It's about a disabled teenager from 14 years that according to her mother's complaint she was raped by the owner of the field where her husband works. The defendant has already been arrested.

The victim's parents had already given permission for the intervention, covered by the provisions of the Penal Code for this type of case. But still, as they brought the girl on the stretcher to the operating room, a group militants "pro life" tried to block his step. There were struggles and bouts and even the police had to intervene.

The chaos was such that the discussion was continued on several fronts at the same time Diary of Cuyo. Some people who demonstrated outside the hospital also tried to persuade other jurors to stop the abortion. It is being investigated whether, even someone he gave breakfast to the baby knowing that this would force the operation to postpone the operation.

It is being investigated whether someone even gave a breakfast to the baby knowing that this should delay the operation.

Finally, the doctors decided to follow the instructions of the authorities and interrupt the pregnancy I was 10 weeks pregnant. The youngest is now recovering at the Rawson Hospital, where she also receives support from the Committee for Child and Youth Abuse.

Meanwhile, the police the accused man stopped for the victim's family. This is Marcelo Villalobo, a Bolivian of 32 years, owner of the farm in the area of ​​Medano de Oro in which the father of the teenager worked. Source: TN

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