Silva's car crossed 13 meters after running over Fortunato

This Thursday the lawsuit against Julieta Silva before the death of Genaro Fortunato, which took place last September 9th at the exit of the Mona bar in San Rafael, went through in the courts of San Rafael.

One day exclusively dedicated to experts, finally there were only two professionals who contributed their testimony: the ophthalmologist Fernando Fuentes and the Scientific Police officer Marcelo Ruarte . The rest of the witnesses were moved to next week, after an agreement between the defense and the complaint.

In the first round Fuentes explained the problems with Silva's vision and how they might have affected the night of the accident, because the young woman had not taken the lenses she had always used. "He has a grade-3 astigmatism, which is considered a high level, and he may have problems observing the objects in low light, known as night blindness," the professional explained on the basis of his research of the topic. the suspect.

Then it was the turn of Officer Ruarte, who referred to the mechanics of the event and explained how the reaction system of an average driver works with the perception of a risk, which in this case would be the body of Genaro that was in the Asphalt.

  Marcelo Ruarte 2

Officer Marcelo Ruarte provided technical details about the moment Silva ran over Fortunato.

"Son five stages through which an average driver passes a risk to see: tension or perception by the senses; identification of the risk; evaluation thereof assessment (if the brakes or the march continue), and answer (the decision taken, for example to brake the brake), "explained the money.

"This all happens in a second, but there are ] several factors that can have a negative influence : the aten This is what is delivered to the route, fatigue, fatigue, alcohol consumption, weather conditions, visibility among other things, "added Ruarte.

Ruarte pointed out that with a hypothetical speed At 40 km / h Silva would need between 20 and 25 meters to make a safe stop and prevent the accident. " Thirteen meters elapsed between the victim's contact and the vehicle's stop . Perhaps he did not recognize the body on the road as such, but he discovered something abnormal causing him to stop walking", said the official .

Silva said in his statement that he thought he had stepped on a well & # 39; and that he had just stopped the march when the chambermaid crossed his path and warned him to stop.

Regarding the weather conditions on the night of the accident, Ruarte said that they were very bad. "It rained a lot and it was cold." When I moved Silva's vehicle to the police station, I was struck by the short time needed to spray the glass, "he added.

Finally, the Scientific Police Officer referred to related technical issues. to the Fiat Idea car that drove Silva Fortunato over. "The projection of the low light was about 20 meters, 15 centimeters high, I did not turn on the defroster because I did not want to manipulate a hijacked car, but my colleagues have confirmed that it worked, "said Ruarte.

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