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Six people were arrested for their alleged participation in the attack on the Correo Argentino branch of the Santa Fe city of Diego de Alvear, which took place last June, when the thieves received a $ 3,500,000 million pesobot. Among the detainees is a woman, the head of the battered branch and a nephew of the town chief of the city, according to information distributed by the newspaper La Capital and sources of police.

The attack took place on 6 June and began when several pensioners lined up to collect their salaries at the establishment of Diego de Alvear, a city with 2,500 inhabitants located on Route 7, in the provincial south. The criminals used the arrival of a truck from the company Prosegur and the forces seized the bags to escape with the Renault Sandero car.

Exactly on that day, the police who had to wait for the arrival of the money transport arrived late, according to the robbery, after the robbery, the common head of Alvear, Daniel Sagarda. They marked the guardavalores when they came in with the bags full of money and they were added to the tail that the pensioners already do until they called at a certain moment: "This is an attack! Everything on the floor!". Then they chained the head of the branch and stood up with the pockets, money that was meant to pay salaries, pensions, retirement and social plans of alvearenses.
Without firing a single shot, the attackers escaped into a Renault Sandero that later appeared abandoned in a village of Iriarte, 4 kilometers from Alvear and in the province of Buenos Aires.

According to the information, in operations carried out by the Airport Security Police (PSA), a man and two women were arrested last Tuesday in the city of Buenos Aires, while in Junn a cousin of the common president of Diego Alvear was arrested and in the city was arrested. the local head of Correo Argentino arrested, in addition to his assistant.

As a result of the procedures, which were carried out with the assistance of the Santa Fe police, $ 109,800 was seized; US $ 230,444; a box with slippers with seven stacks of paper similar in size to US $ 25,000; 16 mobile phones, three vehicles, two pieces of jewelery with 50 pieces, four watches, notebooks, CPUs, tablets, pendrives, memory cards and documentation of interest for the cause.
The detainees, four men and two women, were detained in incommunicado and at the disposal of the Federal Court of Venado Tuerto, in charge of Aurelio Antonio Cuello Mura.

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