¿Sleet? Surprised a meteorological phenomenon registered in the ice cold day – Society

The inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires were surprised this Sunday by a phenomenon that many confused with sleet but that in reality graupel is mentioned.
of a manifestation that appears when "small hailstones" are generated because "there is very cold air coming in next to the surface heating", according to what they have explained from the National Meteorological Service.

From the office they defined the graup as "very small non-destructive hail" and indicated that it manifested itself in the south and middle of the province. Several porteños uploaded photos on their social networks with a description of the existence of "sleet" while it was in fact a greyhound, according to the description of the SMN.

"Raindrops freeze and form a small soft ice the size of a grain of rice or a pea who is disarmed when touched, "she added in the SMN.

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