So they attacked the LA NACION team to cover the raid on Cristina Kirchner's house in El Calafate

Followers of the former president

Cristina Kirchner
attacked and removed elements of work on the journalistic team from

LN +
that covered the beginning of the robbery on the house of the exmandataria

El Calafate

While they were broadcasting live, a man and a woman began insulting and spitting the Todo Noticias chronicler, Darío Lopreittem, and then attacked Carla Ricciotti, a special envoy of
THE NATION to Santa Cruz.

The target of the first attack on the TN columnist, which was at the entrance gate of the building, of almost 500 square meters. Then the LN + journalist was attacked, asking why she was being abused and insulted.

A few seconds later a man with glasses struck the cameraman Lucas Coria, also from
THE NATION Immediately afterwards, the aggressor introduced himself as "the darkness," took Ricciotti's microphone and threw it into the water.

The uniforms who were in the area witnessed the events without intervening.

Adepa statement

A few minutes later, the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (Adepa) issued a statement rejecting the attacks.

"We condemn the aggressions in El Calafate to the journalistic teams of LN + and Todo Noticias, who deal with the robbery on the house of ex-president Cristina Kirchner, and the journalists got insults, spitting and pushing neighbors," wrote ADEPA in his official Twitter account.

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