Still processed, Chocobar continues to work as a police

The money Luis Chocobar, who is being prosecuted for killing a thief, continues to perform tasks as a security guard. Despite the seriousness of being accused, Chocabar continues to receive support from the police leadership and minister of security, Patricia Bullrich, just as he had the president. Mauricio Macri.

In the last hours a photograph of him was broadcast in full performance of his duties, which contradicted the version in which he had accepted a license that his bosses endorsed to remain doomed to the legal accusation. According to sources consulted by the news agency Argentine News, "the officer never stopped working".

Luis chocobar

The uniformed person, working in the local police of Avellaneda, was prosecuted and is on his way to the lawsuit following a judgment of the judge of minors number 1 of the capital, Enrique Velázquez, and that it was ratified in a higher authority, with an embargo of 420 thousand pesos & # 39; sIn the event that he is being investigated for alleged & # 39; aggravated murder that exceeds the legitimate defense.

On 8 December Chocobar murdered a criminal, Juan Pablo Kukoc, 18, after the attacker stabbed the American tourist ten times Joe Wolek to steal a camera in the La Boca district in Buenos Aires.

The money was frank and acted for that fact to run three blocks to the attacker and then made two shots, in the leg and the gluteus, which led to his death days later in the Argerich Hospital.

The support of the government and the security forces to Chocobar is maintained from the first day. Minister Bullrich visited her home with the national senator of Cambiemos Gladys González and the head of the cabinet of the portfolio, Gerardo Milman, to convey the message that "he is not alone".

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