Stress in Córdoba for layoffs in military constructions

A situation of fear and tension is experienced this Friday in Rio Tercero and Villa María, before the confirmation of layoffs in the military factories of both cities.

In the morning, the directors of both units, who depend on the Ministry of Defense of the Nation, admitted in the last hours for the union ATE that the resolution of staff reduction has already been taken in Buenos Aires, but they have number of dismissals not confirmed. In both cases they reported that this would be correct on Tuesday, when the list would be communicated.

At the age of 15, however, the list was informed at the Villa María factory, with 42 dismissals. Then, at 6.30 pm, the list for the Rio Tercero plant was known, with 59 people untouched.

In both residences moments of strong fear were experienced when the list was made known, while the employees and their families were informed if they were inside or outside the discharge list.

Villa María: bitterness in the goal when the list of 42 dismissals is known

Between Río Tercero and Villa María, the military state factories occupy 814 people. Rio Tercero has 439 employees and Villa Maria has 375 employees, 90 percent have been hired for years.

The version circulating in trade union areas indicates that the reduction could be about 20 percent of the workforce. But from the directions of the plants was told, at least until the noon of this Friday, that until next week would not have that accuracy or the list.

Emiliano Campos, of ATE Río Tercero, said the director of the plant in that city had told them that "there would be between 50 and 100" of 439 employees.

  Stress in the entrance to the military factory Río Tercero, this Friday. (La Voz)

Tension in entry to the military factory Río Tercero, this Friday

In Río Tercero the workers-incorporated in ATE-minutes after the 11 decided they will remain in the factory. Shortly before they had introduced about 100 Gendarmerie troops.

According to guild leaders, in the porter, the director of the unit, Colonel Rafael Guerrero, told them that the gendarmes had been called "to safeguard the integrity of the facilities." ATE was claimed to have that presence was avoided.

"The director confirmed that there will be layoffs, said it is an irreversible measure, but it does not have the amount or the list," said a trade union leader.

Approximately 300 employees remain in a permanent meeting and occupation within the factory premises Damián Albornoz, of ATE, have confirmed that the measure is for an indefinite period, but have clarified that there is a seizure of the factory. production induction and does not imply a total abandonment of activities, "he said.

During the morning, in the goal was added the presence of relatives, in an environment of unconcealed fear, as well as representatives of various social sectors and trade unions.

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